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General Questions:

Why should I join the site?
You will have instant access to some of the best features Coupon Clipper has to offer! By registering, you can print coupons, basket coupons, rate businesses, give reviews and become a part of a growing online community.

If I register, do I need to give you an address?
You do not; addresses are completely optional and are asked for to help personalize your experience with Coupon Clipper.

Are you going to sell my private and personal information as soon as I give it to you?
Absolutely not. We take privacy very seriously and only ask for this information to give you the best search results possible.

So how much is this going to cost me?
The website is completely free. You get access to thousands of local offers across the nation at all times absolutely free of charge.

Across the nation?
Yes! Anywhere we mail our advertisement magazines, we have offers online. This means that if you’re traveling, you can find local offers in other areas!

Technical Questions:

I’ve seen other coupon sites before that boast lots of content. There has to be some sort of catch or software I need to download in order to make this work…
Not at all. We store all of our content online, meaning you will never have to download any extra programs to access anything.

How do I find coupons?
You can search by browsing categories or by doing a keyword search; you will need to input an area that you’re searching in as well. When performing a keyword search you can enter what you are looking for ("pizza" will bring up pizza coupons in your search area; you can also search for specific merchants).
How do I update or edit my profile?
From the “My Profile” tab you can access your personal profile page. On your profile page, you just need to click “Edit My Info” to change your password, name or email address. Make sure to save your updates in order to have them take effect.

How do I print coupons?
You must be a member of the website and logged in to print coupons. To print individual coupons, simply open the coupon you’d like and click the print icon on top of the offer. If you’d like to print multiple coupons, they need to be “Clipped.” Once you’ve “Clipped it,” go to your profile page to “Print All” of the offers you’d like to redeem. Generally, 3 coupons will print per page. Once you’ve added coupons to your basket, you can remove them if you’d like by clicking “Trash it.”

How often do the coupons change?
The coupons on the website change weekly. Visit the website often to see new coupons and offers.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
Click the “forgot password” link. Input your username OR your email address and we’ll send you a new password shortly.

How do I rate and review businesses?
It’s actually very simple. Once you’ve logged in, click the highest numbered start you’d like to rate. If you’d like to type a review, all you need to do is select the review tab and begin typing. Once you’re done, click “Submit Review.”

I’ve submitted a bunch of reviews and none of them are showing up. Why?
If a business owner has yet to login and register their business, there is no one available to approve the review.

I can’t seem to print the ads, why?
You can view the ads, but unfortunately you are unable to print them.

I’m having problems using the site, what can I do?
If this FAQ can’t answer your questions, you can contact us by clicking the “Contact” link at the bottom of the web page. You can also email support@couponclipper.com.